Sexual Assault on Campus in America

The Top  100 Universities and Colleges in the U.S. With the Highest Number of Cases of Reported Forcible Sexual Assault on Campus per 1000 Students. (Here's a link to the full list of over 1500 school reports.)  

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The 100 U.S. Colleges and Universities with the Highest Rates of Reported Forcible Sexual Assaults on Campus (per 1000 Students) - 2012 data

Bubble Map: Colors show locations of the highest concentrations. 

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Total Reported Forcible Sexual Assaults on Campus - 2010-2012
Assaults Per 1000 Students - 2012
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Gallaudet University , DC USA4311.39Gallaudet University , DC USA
Grinnell College , IA USA2610.75Grinnell College , IA USA
Reed College , OR USA359.62Reed College , OR USA
Amherst College , MA USA459.36Amherst College , MA USA
Hampshire College , MA USA318.90Hampshire College , MA USA
Swarthmore College , PA USA237.73Swarthmore College , PA USA
Connecticut College , CT USA246.21Connecticut College , CT USA
Westminster College , MO USA75.49Westminster College , MO USA
Randolph-Macon College , VA USA185.34Randolph-Macon College , VA USA
Wittenberg University , OH USA155.28Wittenberg University , OH USA
Williams College , MA USA235.18Williams College , MA USA
Bard College , NY USA235.12Bard College , NY USA
Bates College , ME USA164.56Bates College , ME USA
Catawba College , NC USA64.49Catawba College , NC USA
Willamette University , OR USA284.44Willamette University , OR USA
Ohio Wesleyan University , OH USA204.40Ohio Wesleyan University , OH USA
Ursinus College , PA USA134.17Ursinus College , PA USA
Vassar College , NY USA294.16Vassar College , NY USA
Franklin and Marshall College , PA USA93.81Franklin and Marshall College , PA USA
Hamilton College , NY USA193.72Hamilton College , NY USA
Wheaton College , MA USA203.71Wheaton College , MA USA
Knox College , IL USA143.50Knox College , IL USA
Carleton College , MN USA163.41Carleton College , MN USA
Davidson College , NC USA163.35Davidson College , NC USA
Haverford College , PA USA153.32Haverford College , PA USA
Lawrence University , WI USA143.29Lawrence University , WI USA
Fairleigh Dickinson University-College at Florham , NJ USA123.26Fairleigh Dickinson University-College at Florham , NJ USA
Wheeling Jesuit University , WV USA93.23Wheeling Jesuit University , WV USA
Pacific University , OR USA123.22Pacific University , OR USA
Claremont McKenna College , CA USA103.09Claremont McKenna College , CA USA
Saint Norbert College , WI USA133.06Saint Norbert College , WI USA
Beloit College , WI USA113.01Beloit College , WI USA
DePauw University , IN USA253.00DePauw University , IN USA
Colorado College , CO USA262.97Colorado College , CO USA
Trinity College , CT USA192.95Trinity College , CT USA
Coe College , IA USA122.93Coe College , IA USA
Macalester College , MN USA152.90Macalester College , MN USA
Hendrix College , AR USA52.88Hendrix College , AR USA
Bryn Mawr College , PA USA92.83Bryn Mawr College , PA USA
Occidental College , CA USA242.75Occidental College , CA USA
Furman University , SC USA122.74Furman University , SC USA
College of the Holy Cross , MA USA142.73College of the Holy Cross , MA USA
Oberlin College , OH USA252.72Oberlin College , OH USA
Doane College-Crete , NE USA32.61Doane College-Crete , NE USA
Millikin University , IL USA92.56Millikin University , IL USA
Cornell College , IA USA102.54Cornell College , IA USA
Sewanee-The University of the South , TN USA92.52Sewanee-The University of the South , TN USA
Bluffton University , OH USA42.50Bluffton University , OH USA
Pomona College , CA USA82.49Pomona College , CA USA
Bucknell University , PA USA192.49Bucknell University , PA USA
Stonehill College , MA USA152.31Stonehill College , MA USA
Sarah Lawrence College , NY USA52.30Sarah Lawrence College , NY USA
Spring Hill College , AL USA72.29Spring Hill College , AL USA
Concordia University-Portland , OR USA112.25Concordia University-Portland , OR USA
Skidmore College , NY USA152.23Skidmore College , NY USA
Bowdoin College , ME USA182.18Bowdoin College , ME USA
Albion College , MI USA72.17Albion College , MI USA
Rollins College , FL USA102.16Rollins College , FL USA
Siena College , NY USA202.15Siena College , NY USA
Eckerd College , FL USA152.14Eckerd College , FL USA
Princeton University , NJ USA462.13Princeton University , NJ USA
Virginia Wesleyan College , VA USA92.10Virginia Wesleyan College , VA USA
Muhlenberg College , PA USA122.06Muhlenberg College , PA USA
Bryant University , RI USA202.05Bryant University , RI USA
Saint Johns University , MN USA62.02Saint Johns University , MN USA
Wellesley College , MA USA62.01Wellesley College , MA USA
Defiance College , OH USA51.99Defiance College , OH USA
Ferrum College , VA USA51.99Ferrum College , VA USA
Middlebury College , VT USA141.99Middlebury College , VT USA
Carthage College , WI USA81.98Carthage College , WI USA
Gustavus Adolphus College , MN USA171.98Gustavus Adolphus College , MN USA
Whitman College , WA USA41.95Whitman College , WA USA
Young Harris College , GA USA31.94Young Harris College , GA USA
Georgetown College , KY USA51.94Georgetown College , KY USA
Franklin College , IN USA51.90Franklin College , IN USA
Lewis & Clark College , OR USA161.89Lewis & Clark College , OR USA
The College of Idaho , ID USA41.89The College of Idaho , ID USA
Prescott College , AZ USA21.88Prescott College , AZ USA
Saint Josephs College , IN USA31.86Saint Josephs College , IN USA
Hampden-Sydney College , VA USA51.85Hampden-Sydney College , VA USA
Berry College , GA USA51.85Berry College , GA USA
Emory University , GA USA521.83Emory University , GA USA
University of Richmond , VA USA251.83University of Richmond , VA USA
Wisconsin Lutheran College , WI USA21.83Wisconsin Lutheran College , WI USA
Berea College , KY USA41.81Berea College , KY USA
Brown University , RI USA321.80Brown University , RI USA
Kenyon College , OH USA71.80Kenyon College , OH USA
Goucher College , MD USA101.78Goucher College , MD USA
Hanover College , IN USA41.78Hanover College , IN USA
Franklin Pierce University , NH USA121.77Franklin Pierce University , NH USA
Dartmouth College , NH USA351.75Dartmouth College , NH USA
Olivet College , MI USA41.74Olivet College , MI USA
Pacific Lutheran University , WA USA141.73Pacific Lutheran University , WA USA
Salem College , NC USA21.72Salem College , NC USA
Denison University , OH USA221.71Denison University , OH USA
Norwich University , VT USA161.71Norwich University , VT USA
Saint Martin's University , WA USA61.65Saint Martin's University , WA USA
Birmingham Southern College , AL USA61.62Birmingham Southern College , AL USA
Luther College , IA USA81.62Luther College , IA USA
Simpson College , IA USA71.58Simpson College , IA USA

Data Source: U.S. Government

Reported Cases Per 1000 Students of States and Territories pages

Table: The Top  100 Universities and Colleges in the U.S. With the Highest Number of Cases of Reported Forcible Sexual Assault on Campus per 1000 Students

About the Sexual Assault on Campus Silk Data

This site was created with Silk, a platform for collections of information. The data for this Silk came from the U.S. Government's Office of Post-Secondary Education. Alex Salkever pulled in the aggregated data via the Washington Post (as compiled by Nick Anderson). As Anderson reported, schools report information differently and some schools (such as those with a large online population) report very low levels most likely because their students are not on campus. Some regions, such as Puerto Rico, reported no sexual assaults at all. There is also a great degree of controversy over the accusations several accused assailants have alleged fraud and violation of due process

Notes on the Data

Some of the highest rates of reported forced sexual assault on campus occurred at exclusive private liberal arts colleges (Six of the top seven, in fact). This may reflect the fact that these institutions are doing a better job at encouraging reporting. The highest rate of forced sexual assault was at Gallaudet, the university for the deaf. Some experts on campus rape assert that the reported numbers might be misleading because some institutions more aggressively conceal sexual assault cases. The numbers are, certainly, controversial and will continue to be a source of controversy.